Magnum Labs, home of the original 2g vape cart! Our 2g medical grade carts are made of glass and stainless steel and are filled with the best oil and cannabis derived terpenes available, and lab tested and free from: pesticides, heavy metals, adulterants, and contaminants.

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Premium Live Resin

Live resin is extracted from whole, uncured cannabis plants after they are flash frozen with liquid nitrogen. Live resin is a type of BHO (butane hash oil) that typically has a much higher terpene content than cured resins. Sometimes BHO is called FSHTE (full spectrum high terpene extract).


Magnum Labs began in 2023 to fill the 2g cartridge niche in California’s cannabis market. We use premium lab tested cannabis oil and terpenes in our carts and NOTHING else! Our carts are lab tested to ensure customer safety!